A creative media company 

Orla Neligan - Owner, Producer, Creative Director

I’m a gal with an eye for detail who is utterly obsessed with all things creative.  I hail from a melting pot of creativity and a family of organisers. If I’m not being eaten alive by magazines, books and inspiration boards, you’ll find me making a list, checking it twice and finessing the finer details of work and life, director’s horn in one hand, homemade health juice in the other. My friends have described me as being ‘fresh, curious, captivating and honest with plenty of integrity and style to boot’. I’ll leave it on that good note.


Styling, production, creative direction, project management, prop sourcing, consulting and publishing


A Creative Collaboration



Show us a plate of food, a room, a shoe cupboard, a blank page, your dog’s bed, and we’ll make it look good. Maybe not your dog’s bed, but we’ll sure as hell die trying. We’ve worked on everything from weddings and cookbooks to fashion shoots with Ireland’s leading media and big-name brands.


I spend a lot of time scribbling, pouring over articles and images and dreaming up features and destinations I can devour.

As an editor and journalist, I have edited a number of lifestyle and travel magazines and continue to write for various media on everything from travel to beauty, business, psychology, interviews and fashion. 


With the help of a fantastic team of very talented individuals, Cornershop has a pretty good track record creating events and photoshoots that are bespoke, stylish and stress-free.

As an event project manager, I’ve worked with brides-to-be and large corporate clients creating their unique events and as an editor, producer and stylist, have had the pleasure of working on photoshoots from start to finish; blue-tack sticking, card writing and caption creating included. We absolutely love this side of our jobs and hopefully it shows in the final product.


Coming soon to a TV near you….

I want not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.
— Maya Angelou